A Cub Scout Pack for Homeschoolers, a New Church Website, and a Research Tool

I have been busy developing three other sites in recent weeks, thus the scarcity of information here. I have still been adding to the Dogeared Pages from the Web in the sidebar, but most of my energy has been directed at these three projects:

  • screenhunter_01-may-19-1417.jpgCub Scout Pack 918 — Louisville Christian Homeschoolers — We recently joined Pack 918, and I volunteered my services to develop a site for them. It has not officially launched either, and so does not have some vital information, but the basics of who and where are up and running. It has a great “cub scout” feel to it and will hopefully be a helpful place for all things cub scouts. I’ve had a bear of a time getting it to render properly in IE, but I think it is finally working. Live in the Louisville area? Homeschool? Come visit! Coming soon: tips on making the boat for next month’s Raingutter Regatta and photos from last week’s campout!
  • screenhunter_02-may-19-1421.jpgGrace Fellowship Church of Louisville — I was upgrading to WordPress 2.5 and overwrote the entire database for my church’s weblog. So, I created a new one and have enlisted the help of a couple of church members to contribute content such as sermon summaries and photos. The elders will be looking for engaging ways to use the site in the coming months. Maybe a discussion forum?
  • screenhunter_03-may-19-1424.jpgBoyce Library Online Guide (B.L.O.G.) to Reference Works — a site which shall be public by next week. It is intended to be a one-stop-shop for information on theological reference works. Keyword searchable. I will link to this once we launch it publicly.

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