Such a Bad Blogger

I have lacked a motivation to write anything lately — especially since I’m gearing up for vacation in a couple of weeks and am feverishly trying to accomplish some milestones in a few of my ongoing projects.

You’ll notice that I do not have anything lined up to read next, so I’m soliciting your suggestions. Something fun. Something quirky. Something like a cross between Petroski’s The Book on the Bookshelf and Cussler’s Treasure of Khan. Odd, I know. So please leave your suggestions in the comments.

For those of you who are fellow aspiring geeks, I’ve been studying Ruby on Rails. I hope to kill two birds with one stone by learning Rails: to once again become somewhat literate in the tech world by emerging from my 20th Century cave, and to provide a web-based framework from which to build a comprehensive bibliographic index of literature on certain aspects of ecclesiology. More details about this are soon to come.

Since the research wiki never really caught on, I’m converting it to a more attractive series of CSS-styled pages. ScreenshotHere is a screenshot. I’ll provide a link and solicit comments once a bit more work is done.

And finally, I’ve been trying to get together a series of podcasts to launch over the course of the Fall semester on various aspects of research such as using the Archives and Special Collections. Again, I’ll provide a link once a bit more work is done.

So there. I’ve not fallen off the planet — I’ve just been busy.

Your thoughts?

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