Our Library’s Online Theological Research Guide – A Wiki!

Now that the Graduate Research Seminar’s annotated bibliographies are beginning to pile up on my desk I think its about time to update the research wiki. It is still a work in progress, and even needs some new categories (missions, preaching, etc…) and so I am issuing a call for suggestions. Please note that I am looking primarily for reference works. This guide is not intended to be a thorough bibliography of all helpful resources for theological research. Rather, it is primarily a guide to reference materials, so recommend accordingly. Other materials which contain helpful indexes, etc., will also be considered. I need to know:

  1. What resources need to be added to bibliographies for existing disciplines? If you can, please provide a brief annotation of why this book is helpful as a reference source, i.e., number and type of indexes, currency, breadth…
  2. What other disciplines need to be added to the online guide?
  3. What resources need to be added to these other discipline-specific bibliographies?
  4. Any other suggestions, recommendations, thoughts, and musings related to the guide.
  5. Please make all recommendations in the comments to this post, or send bibliographies to paul[at]commonplaces.org.

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