Library 2.0

Library 2.0 is a movement to incorporate Web 2.0 ideas and technologies into academic libraries. I have made a few attempts to do this, such as

  • The SBTS Research Guide – an online wiki which allows content to be edited or added to by faculty and current students in the Graduate Research Seminar. Everyone is invited to consult the guide and give me feedback. We plan to eventually migrate this to our own servers and host it in-house, but until then you can find it here.
  • MP3 / podcast introductions and tutorials. This is where I really need some ideas. Instead of creating MP3s to be tutorials, I am thinking that they will be interviews with faculty, other librarians, etc…, on how to use the library for unique research. Jason Fowler and the Archives, for example.
  • Screencasts such as this one on advanced “cross-searching” in the online catalog. I think this is the better way to create tutorials. Take a look and let me know you think, along with ideas for other screencast tutorials.

In the near future we will be completely overhauling the library website and bring it into the 21st Century. What features would you like to see? At some point (we have a three year IT plan) we will be adding features such as tagging and RSS feeds.

Give me some ideas!

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