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Of the writing of books there is no end, or so said that sagacious King Solomon. But what of their self-syndicating, ego-boosting, and rarely helpful cousins made possible by your friendly neighborhood ISP, aka, blogs? Surely the world doesn’t need yet another blog to read, or perhaps worse, another blogger in the offing.

But this blog will indeed strive to justify its existence by meeting a need, though perhaps it may well be that it will fill my needs rather than yours. You see, as interesting as I am confident this endeavor will be, it is more of an exercise in mental discipline on my part. I need a place where I can record my musings on theology, philosophy, art, life. In short, I need a ‘common place-book.’

We don’t write things down anymore. Even I, a bookbinder and fountain-pen lover, have chosen to adapt a WordPress blog to these ends rather than indulge the enjoyable but time swallowing practice of scribbling.

So, I give you commonplaces. Please feel free to comment, as that is what makes this format more productive that traditional common place-books. If my blog is akin to a common place-book, then your comments are akin to marginalia (not to be confused with scholia).

fyi: below is a copy of the title page from Peter Martyr Vermigli’s Common Places, which was originally published in Latin under the common title Loci Communes in 1576. I doubt that my version will have such staying power. At least I hope not.

PMV Common Places

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  1. Cynthia R. Nielsen says:

    Very nice blog. I am adding you to my blogroll. The Durer header is a nice touch. Sometime ago, I blogged on Durer in a post called, Baked Pies, Scrolls and Beautifully Crafted Shoes (http://percaritatem.blogspot.com/2006/02/baked-pies-scrolls-and-beautifully.html).

    You wouldn’t happen to have an electronic picture of Durer’s painting described in my post would you? I would love to obtain a copy.

    Kind regards,

  2. Paul says:

    Cynthia: thanks. I began reading your blog a few weeks ago and have appreciated the chance to read something substantive for a change. I thought those who happened upon my fledgling blog would as well.

    As for the Durer work described in your post, alas, I am not familiar with it. If you want to scroll through the 450+ images of Durer works at the Web Gallery of Art (see link at top of left sidebar) you may find it. I did not see it there, however.

    Thanks again for your kind words regarding my blog, and for adding me to your blogroll.

    Paul Roberts

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